Neighborhood Restaurants

Within 5 minute walk of apartment

Ristorante del Fagioli-Corso Tintori 47r Tel +39 055 244285 Almost right outside the door of the apartment, a traditional trattoria that is typical of its genre with an open - view kitchen, lively informal ambience and good Tuscan cuisine, including a wide selection of meat dishes and grills. A convivial atmosphere that attracts locals and tourists alike. It didn't take credit cards last we checked. Inexpensive.

Gelateria dei Neri-Via dei Neri, 9/11R Again, almost lmost right outside the door of the apartment, one of our favorite ice crean shops in Florence. What a selection of home made flavors! How about a ricotta with fig?

Brac-Via dei Vagellai, 18/R Tel +39 055 094 4877 A minute walk from the apartment is this quirky hipster cafe/bookshop – a hybrid dining-aperitivo address – cooks up inventive, home-style and strictly vegetarian and/or vegan cuisine. Unique and kind of cool atmosphere and maybe the best vegetarian food in Florence. Inexpensive.

Beer House Club-Corso dei Tintori, 34r Tel +39 055 247 6763 Just a miutes walk from the apartment is probably the best pub in Florence. Great selection of local grews on tap. Good atmosphere, nice people, good selection of pastas, and Chianina beef hamburghers. Live entertainment many evenings. Inexpensive

Degusteria Italiana agli Uffizi-Via Lambertesca, 7 Tel +39 0554939867 Very good restaurant; food, service and atmosphere are all first rate, as is the Wine Spectator awarded wine list. Prices are quite reasonable for the value offered. As of this writing, Trip Advisor rates this as the second highest ranking restaurant in Florence. We wouldn't necesssarily go this far, but it should definately be on your list to try. Moderate pricing.

Ora D’Aria- via de' Georgofili 11/13 r Tel. 552001699 The dining room at this one star Michelin restaurant faces the open-view kitchen, allowing a continuous exchange of dialogue between chefs and diners. The cuisine focuses on mainly Tuscan produce served in dishes that blend traditional skill with contemporary style. Very creative. Our best dining experience in Florence during our April 2016 trip. Expensive

Ino-Via dei Georgofili, 3r/7r. Tel +39 055 219208 Locatedjust 100 meters from the apartment, Serving arguably the best panini in town, proprietor Alessandro sources only the very best ingredients. Located right behind the Uffizi, 'ino is a perfect place to grab a tasty sandwich and glass of wine before forging on to the next museum. They will also deliver to the apartment. Inexpensive

Osteria Vini e Vecchi Sapori-Via Dei Magazzini3/5/7R Tel +39 055 293045 A short walk from the Uffizi Gallery, this tiny eatery makes its intentions clear on the handwritten menu outside: no pizza, no ice, no cappuccino, and no steak. This osteria serves traditional Tuscan food, and is known for its pappardelle in duck ragu, ribollita soup, fragrant saffron pasta tossed with zucchini flowers and a touch of cream, and meat-based mains like tomato-stewed cod and rolled, stuffed pork. This soulful Florentine institution is heavily frequented by locals — reservations are necessary.

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura-Piazza della Signoria, 10 Tel Part of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele’s magical mystery tour that is the Gucci Garden museum and retail outlet, this jewel box of a restaurant is all forest-green velvet, pea-green boiserie, and custom-made Ginori porcelain in the brand's pretty floral Herbarium design. Highlights include the Tentacle Spectacle (a combo of grilled octopus, black garlic, and potato), the taka bun (a magically light steamed bun enveloping a slab of sticky pork belly oozing with spicy sauce), and Bottura’s signature tortellini in a luscious parmesan cream sauce. Service from the smiley staff—dressed in preppy button-downs with floral aprons and Gucci trainers—is efficient and utterly charming. A visit to the Gucci Garden, an elegant museum on the upper floors dedicated to the famous fashion house, is highly recommended. One Michelin Star Expensive

All’Antico Vinaio- Via dei Neri 65r 055 2382723Great sandwich shop. Inexpensive

Ristorante Frescobaldi-Via del Magazzini 4r Tel. 055.284.724 Great place, right down town You can accompany your food with any of the Frescobaldi wines by the glass. The atmosphere is very nice, too. also, a wine bar at the location. Moderate prices

Osteria Caffe Italiano- Via Isola delle Stinche 11 Tel. 055289368 In the Sante Croce area. These fine premises are part of a historic building. Wood furnishings predominate in the three small dining halls where the cuisine is largely based on Tuscan recipes. There is a fine wine list. Moderate pricing

Enoteca Pinchiorri- via Ghibellina 87 Tel. 055242777 Florence's temple of gourmet dining, this elegant Michelin 3 starrestaurant boasts a legendary wine list that will delight wine enthusiasts. The chef uses Tuscan specialties as the inspiration for his highly skillful, imaginative and innovative cuisine. One must keep in mind that this is not just going out to dinner, but an actual experience, including fantastic food, unbelievable service, an unpanelled wine program, and a large dose of theatre. Be prepared to pay 500 Euro per person, and if everything is working in harmony, the experience is well worth it.

Boccadama- Piazza di Santa Croce 25R Tel. 055 243640 Nice informal place on Piazza Santa Croce. Good prices and good wine. Try the lasagna.

Acqua Al 2-Via della Vigna Vecchia, 40r Tel +39 055284170 Not far from Piazza SIgnoria. The traditional fod here is really good as is the atmosphere, but the reason for coming here,, in my opinion are the "sampler courses" or "Assaggio". The salad sampler, pasta sampler, main course sampler of grilled chicken, and steaks are amazing. In the salad sampler they give you 3 different kinds of salads and in the pasta sampler they give you 5 small portions of different pastas. They also have dessert and cheese samplers. This is reqlly a good way to experience a wide selection of their specialties and is a lot of fun. Moderate pricing.

Osteria Caffe Italiano- Via Isola delle Stinche 11 Tel. 055289368 In the Sante Croce area. These fine premises are part of a historic building. Wood furnishings predominate in the three small dining halls where the cuisine is largely based on Tuscan recipes. There is a fine wine list.

Ristorante Frescobaldi-Via del Magazzini 4r Tel. 055.284.724 Great place, right down town You can accompany your food with any of the Frescobaldi wines by the glass. The atmosphere is very nice, too. also, a wine bar at the location. Moderate prices

Other areas of Florence

Santo Bevitore-via Santo Spirito 64-66red Tel. 055.211.264 Very good trattoria. Food is creative, atmosphere informal, décor good, and prices are very reasonable. It is very popular, so make reservations.

Quattro Leone-Piazza dell Passera Tel. 055.218. Great setting. If the weather is good and you want to eat outside, the atmosphere here is one of the best in town. Good pasta and grilled meats.

Osteria Personale-Bogro San Frediano, 167red Tel 055.933.1341 Very hot right now. Very creative food, casual atmosphere, nice décor. Choose a tasting menu. No pasta.

Olio-Via di Santo Spirito 4 Tel. 055.265.8198 This is the way all Italian restaurants should look inside. The slow food ingredients are the freshest.

La Pentola dell’Oro-Via di Mezzo24-26r Tel 055.241.808 This is something a little different. The chef specializes in historical recipes from the renaissance. The restaurant is a little crowded inside, but the food is good.

Frescobaldi Wine Bar-Via del Magazzini4r Tel. 055.284.724 Great place, right down town You can accompany your food with any of the Frescobaldi wines by the glass. The atmosphere is very nice, too.

Coquinarius Wine Bar-Via delle Oche 15r TYel. 055. 23.02.153 Quite a serious wine bar, very near the cathedral. Has some great pasta and salads, and is one of the few places in Florence that serves all day..

Borgo San Jacopo-Borgo San Jacopo 82r Tel 055.281.661 The Ferragamo’s Family’s fine dining restaurant in the Hotel Lungarno. This restaurant is very pretty, as is everyone who works there. The food is creative and/or a lighter version of Tuscan fare. There is also a wide choice of fish dishes, which is rare in Florence.

FISHING LAB alla Murate- via del Proconsolo 16 r. Tel: via del Proconsolo 16 r Tel+055240618 This fine dining restaurant is open to visitors during the day and in the evening (upon request); an audio-guide provides information on the frescoes and archaeological ruins visible here. Simply one of the finest seafood restaurants in Florence. A unique experience! Expensive

La Bottega Del Buon Café Bistrot - via Antonio Pacinotti 40r Tel. 0555535677 You will have to get off the well-worn tourist trail to find this Michelin one star gourmet restaurant! The cuisine focuses on high quality produce, often served as very simple dishes that are not only from Tuscany. A plainer and less expensive menu is available at lunchtime. Very nice décor.

Essenziale-Piazza di Cestello, 3, 50124 Tel. 055.2476956 The hottest new opening in Florence is without a doubt this restaurant headed by popular chef Simone Cipriani, formally of Santo Graal. Inside, you’ll find a contemporary, intimate atmosphere. With a small drawer at every table with your “tools” (forks, knives and spoons) to help you along what will certainly be an interesting gastronomic affair. The cuisine is inventive and creative, imagine a take on Tuscany’s classic “pappa al pomodoro” called “papa Mary” with bloody mary elements of horseradish gelato and a spritz of vodka. Also, a great Sunday brunch! Expensive

Furlin-via Giampaolo Orsini 113r 50125 Firenze Tel. +39 055 684931 Here is something different fpr Florence, a Chinese restaurant, and a very very good one at that. It has even made it in Italy’s foodie magazine, Gambero Rosso. Fulin is out to make quality Chinese cuisine the way you would find in Hong Kong or Beijing, in a beautiful ambiance in a suburban (and easy to get to) neighborhood. This will no doubt impress even the Florentines. I had the chance to lunch there recently and wow, just wow. This is top notch on every level. Antipasti range around 7-8€ while larger courses 12-15€. I highly recommend sharing a variety of dim sum like dishes, especially the bamboo carrot involtini, a variety of freshly-made dumplings, rice noodles with chinese mushrooms, and cantonese pork, twice-fried with an orange sauce. Don’t skip dessert either! Moderate Prices

Irene-Piazza Republica Tel. +39 055 27 35 891 Chef Fulvio Pierangelini shocked the culinary world when he shuttered his two-Michelin-star restaurant Gambero Rosso in 2009. Several years ago, after a brief hiatus from cooking, he became executive chef of Rocco Forte Hotels, and in April he opened the Irene restaurant at the regal Hotel Savoy in Florence. The Florentine bistro overlooks the vibrant Piazza della Repubblica and is named after the mother of Sir Rocco Forte, CEO of Rocco Forte Hotels. Irene was an accomplished cook and hostess, and the restaurant is a tribute to Italian mothers and grandmothers everywhere, says Pierangelini, who describes the restaurant as “mischievous, irreverent, and cheeky.” Very good food in a chic atmosphere and in good weather, a fantastic terrace on Piazza Republica, in the very heart of Florence's historic center. Expensive

Cantinetta Antinori-Piazza Antinori 3, Florence Tel. 055 292234 Upscale retaurant and wine bar on the ground floor of the Antinori Palace, where the Antinori have lived for 600 years. The restaurant serves Tuscan food, mainly sourced from the Antinori estates. The real joy here is that you can order any Antinori wine by the glass, including bottles coating hundreds of Euro. Upper moderate-Expensive

Il Latini-Via dei Palchetti, 6R. Tel +39055210916 This place is a meat lover’s paradise! You must make a reservation, because there is always a line outside. The choices are 7:30 and 9:30. Go on an empty stomach because there is so much food! Good for large parties. Friendly atmosphere. They feed you and feed you until you can’t breathe. It might be a bit touristy, but the locas like it to, as there is usually a line outside to get in. Always make reservations. It is a lot of fun to do once while you are in Florence. If you re a small party and they are crowded, they might have you share a large table with another party, which can be a fun experience, but might not be ideal for a romantic evening. The veal and lamb are really good, as is the Florentine steak. You are not given a menu but you can request certain things. They also continue to bring out wine throughout your meal. It feels like they never stop serving you and the price is good for what you get. Make friends with the waiter, and they are even nicer to you. Moderate

Ristorante La Giostra-Borgo Pinti 12/r Tel +039 055 241 341 is a romantic hideaway within easy walking distance of the historical center of Florence. Prince Dimitri, the cooking Habsburgh prince, has now passed away, but his twin sons learned well and do an excellant job with both food and hospitality, and like their father, have a little eccentric edge. Candlelit tables are covered with white linen and sparkling wine glasses. A sample platter with appetizers and a glass of Prosecco are offered to all dinner guests while they wait for their orders. Try the crostini with chicken liver paste, a Tuscan specialty, or the little risotto balls. Chef Soldano D'Asburgo Lorena tries to advise diners personally and might recommend his handmade ravioli filled with Pecorino di Fossa and Pear William. Other first courses are the gnocchi with ricotta and spinach, and the spaghettini with lobster sauce. Tuscan veal osso buco is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, but true to the owner´s Austrian heritage the kitchen also serves an authentic wiener schnitzel, which is so large it hangs off the plate. The wine list is quite extensive with choices from all the best wine regions of Italy, which are kept in perfect climate conditions in their own wine cellar. As desserts go, you might expect to see Sacher torte and a cheesecake, again demonstrating the Austrian heritage of the chef.

Cestello Ristoclub-Piazza di Cestello Tel +39 055 2645364 Another of the new breed of upscale Florence seafood resyaurants. This one is unique in that it is set up as fish market where you chose your seafood and then discuss with the chef how you would like it cooked. It's a great concept and the stylish atmosphere and cocktail bar are also worth the trip. Expensive.

Enoteca Bruni-Borgo Ognissanti, 25r Tel +39 0553880177 This is far more than a wine bar, more of a wine restaurant. There are over 2700 wines on the 185 page wine list, a good portion of them natural and organic. Also, mnay wines by the glass. You can eat anything from a cheese plate to a 6 course tasting menu accompanied by six wines. Its up to you. Nice decor, super knowlegable staff, and one of the best wine lists in the city. And don't miss the huge cheese cart! Upper moderate pricing.

Locale- Via delle Seggiole, 12r Tel +39 055 9067188 Just an all around excellent fine dining experience, from the beautiful atmosphere of the historic palace where it is located to the friendly staff, great food, and one of the best bar scenes in Florence. If you could ever justify spending 20-25 Euro on a cocktail, this would be the place! Very special. Expensive

Konnubio-Via dei Conti, 8r Tel +39 055 2381189 Very unique operation for Florence featuring all day eating. Different options under one roof: a bar open from morning to evening, a wine bar in the cellar serving cold dishes and offering wine tastings, and a restaurant serving light, quick options at lunchtime and more elaborate, original fare in the evening. They even have a breakfat buffet. The food is all very good and the atmosphete is nice. Konnubio’s wine master, Simone Loguercio, was awarded Best Sommelier of Italy 2018 by the Italian sommelier association.

Trattoria Da Burde-via Pistoiese, 154 Tel +39055317207 If you are near the airport, this fantastic trattoria, is the place to go. About a 3 minute drive from the airport, this is one of the most authentic trattorie in the city, and one of the best. Local food, local friendly people, a really fantastic wine list, and all at unvbelievable reasonable prices. Don't miss it if you are in the area, especially if you are a wine lover.